UPS introduces the UPS Supply Chain Symphony™ platform


UPS has introduced the UPS Supply Chain Symphony™ platform, a new tool that integrates various supply chain components, including shipping, warehousing, and inventory management, into a single platform. This unified approach empowers its customers to operate more efficiently, gain better visibility into their supply chains, and more effectively address challenges as they arise.

“UPS Supply Chain Symphony allows our customers to connect every aspect of their global supply chains to our company’s intelligent logistics network,” said EVP and President of UPS International, Healthcare and Supply Chain Solutions Kate Gutmann. “This is a game-changer for our customers that puts powerful new digital tools at their fingertips.”

Many companies have trouble connecting their separate spreadsheets or databases, while most shippers find it difficult and time-consuming to turn supply chain data into useful information.  An integrated logistics system can give companies a competitive advantage. The customers who use this cloud-based Software as a Service (SaaS) solution benefit from improved customer service, collaboration, asset utilization, and forecasting accuracy.

“UPS Supply Chain Symphony delivers robust visibility across the company’s global portfolio of services so that our customers can view and orchestrate better outcomes,” stated Bill Seward, President of UPS Supply Chain Solutions. “This unmatched connectivity allows our customers to easily see their inventory levels, predict potential problems, and make strategic decisions to improve their supply chain operations.  After extensive use by our customers across multiple industries, it is clear that UPS Symphony enables us to deliver even more of what matters.”

From real-time inventory checks to data-driven performance monitoring and specialized healthcare modules, UPS Supply Chain Symphony now integrates previously stand-alone UPS tools including:

Shipping Services: parcel shipping at a variety of prices and speeds. 

Global Logistics & Distribution: outsourced logistics services, including warehousing, fulfillment, transportation management, service parts logistics, and returns management.

Global Freight Forwarding: quoting and booking for air and ocean freight- plus everything in between.

Customs Brokerage: customer navigation of international trade regulations.

Supplier Management: an origin cargo management resource that manages vendors efficiently.

Express Critical® service: urgent transportation, including same-day delivery and next-flight out services.

Mail Innovations®: a high-volume mailing service that integrates with postal systems around the world.

Coyote Logistics® service: enables LTL and full truckload 3PL services through 70K vetted carriers.

Source: UPS