UPS launches new cargo eBikes for delivering in downtown Seattle

UPS has announced is testing pedal-assist cargo eBikes and customized, modular trailers in an effort to address growing traffic congestion and air concerns. The cargo eBike will operate in Pike Place Market and downtown Seattle area on sidewalks and in designed bike lanes.

The eBike is equipped with a battery-powered electric motor that can travel long distances and navigate hills and other terrain. The modular, detachable boxes on the trailer can hold up to 400 Ibs and have a 95 cb ft capacity.

The vehicle, developed with Silver Eagle Manufacturing, looks like a mountain bike in the front and is attached to what looks like a miniature UPS van on a two-wheeled trailer. The design is aimed to provide greater flexibility to meet varying delivery needs. The eBike will also be able to make deliveries to areas conventional delivery trucks can’t access directly and currently require that trucks be parked on the periphery for long periods of time. This initiative will reduce truck dwell time, instances of double parking and other unintended consequences associated with downtown deliveries.

“We’re looking forward to being able to offer these customizable urban delivery solutions to other cities nationwide.” said Scott Phillippi, UPS’s senior director of maintenance and engineering.

Source: UPS