UPS launches time-critical service for urgent deliveries in Europe

UPS has announced the launch of its “UPS Express Critical” service in Europe for urgent, time-critical shipments that require special handling such as aircraft parts or surgical tools.

The service targets industries where the speed of delivery is paramount, such as the healthcare, manufacturing and aerospace sectors.

Upon receiving a shipment request, a UPS team at a round-the-clock contact centre will identify transportation alternatives and implement a delivery solution that meets time and cost requirements. Shipment options include air, charter, surface and a personal courier who can carry the shipment by hand from origin to destination on a commercial flight.

In the US, the same service has been called on to transport life-enhancing and life-saving tissue, biological specimens and organs. Aerospace and manufacturing clients have used the service to ensure rapid delivery of parts to keep engines running, planes flying and production lines moving.

The service can provide air charter management, including very large aircraft for oversized shipments, an end-of-runway intercept service (picking up a shipment at the end of a runway to expedite delivery), and increased security and insurance services through UPS Capital.

Customers can also manage their supply chain visibility through a dedicated shipping team, a 24/7/365 call centre, transportation dashboards, customisable reports and alerts, shipment document imaging and shipment arrival forecasting.

Source: UPS