UPS rewards shoppers for using package pickup


UPS is running a promotion to encourage U.S. consumers to try alternative delivery sites. Shoppers will be given rewards valued at up to $20 for using package pickup, specifically, UPS Access Point locations, but also at UPS Store locations and local businesses across the U.S., such as neighbourhood delis, dry cleaners and flower shops. Moreover, shoppers can pick up deliveries when convenient to their schedules for no additional fees.

To participate, consumers must be enrolled in UPS My Choice, its service which enables members to manage their deliveries. To begin earning rewards, members need to log in and select the most convenient UPS Access Point location as their preferred alternate delivery location.

In this promotion, rewards are offered for the first, third and fifth eligible packages delivered to a UPS Access Point location via a customer’s UPS My Choice preference. The first earns one free month of UPS My Choice Premium membership. On the third package, members will earn a $5 reward. The fifth package receives an additional $5 reward, plus two additional months of UPS My Choice Premium membership.

Source: UPS