Vopak opens new rail infrastructure at the port of Antwerp

Vopak Terminal ACS in Antwerp has opened a new loading station for loading block trains, increasing its capacity to handle tank wagons at the terminal by 400%.

With the new infrastructure, Vopak ACS strengthens the role of the Port of Antwerp as a chemical hub for North Western Europe. The product group most frequently treated at Vopak ACS are Acetyls, vital raw materials used in end products such as dashboards in cars, various coatings, and packaging as well as pharmaceutical products.

The Acetyls are first supplied by Vopak’s customers via ship in Antwerp. Since the majority of processing takes place in Germany, the Acetyls are then transported there via rail.

In total, Vopak ACS has 107 tanks, many of which are equipped with stainless steel tanks. The total capacity of the terminal is 202,000 cb m. The terminal has loading and unloading facilities for ships, tank wagons and tankers.

Source: Vopak