Waberer’s Encourages its Drivers to Drive Economically with its New Application

Waberer’s takes an innovative step forward in terms of sustainability and fuel-efficient operations. The company’s newly developed mobile app aims to encourage drivers to drive environmentally conscious and economically. This app analyses drivers’ driving techniques and provides specific, personalised advice for more efficient fuel use.Its introduction will start in the international transport segment and will be extended to domestic transport in the second half of 2024. Waberer’s expect a reduction of 900 tons of carbon dioxide emissions annually in the international transport segment using the solution the company has just implemented.  

The app evaluates several criteria, such as cruise control, freewheeling and effective braking. Drivers receive scores based on their performance, daily, weekly and monthly analyses to help them track their progress. To motivate drivers to use the app, Waberer’s pay them the fuel saving bonus, so they welcomed its introduction: 

“The application is very detailed, it cannot be explained better than it should be done, I like the look, it is transparent, simple to use, I will use it in the future” – commented Waberer’s driver János Nagy about the development.  

Not only does it contribute to the continuous improvement of driving style, but it also indirectly reduces the pollutant emissions of the Waberer’s Group by reducing fuel consumption, so this initiative not only increases the economic efficiency of the company, but also represents an important step towards environmentally conscious operation. Its introduction is in line with our Group’s sustainability strategy and can serve as an example for other transport companies.

This is in line to Waberer’s Group’s view to become number one complex logistics provider in Central and Eastern Europe by 2027.

Source: Waberer’s