Waberer’s receives 50 Berger lightweight semi-trailers

With an investment worth nearly €2m, Waberer’s Group is putting into operation 45 three-axle and 5 two-axle Berger trailers, which will be deployed in both regional and international transportation. These lighter-weight and higher-capacity trailers help reduce fuel consumption, enabling more economical and environmentally friendly transportation.

Waberer’s Group has always placed special emphasis on keeping its fleet up to date: in recent years, it has replaced a significant portion of its tractor units because efficiency and quality service demand the use of the latest and most advanced equipment. The current acquisition is another step towards providing higher-quality and greener service to the company’s customers. Berger Group has over 50 years of transportation experience, offering exceptional quality products for long-term partnerships. The lightweight semi-trailers have been among the lightest and highest-capacity trailers on the market since 1994.

The Berger Ecotrail semi-trailers with three axles can transport loads heavier than 30 tons, including bridge elements. The semi-trailers are made of special S700 steel, which has a tensile strength of 700 N/mm². The floor can withstand a forklift load of 7 tons, and its point load capacity is exceptionally high, allowing for the safe transport of even 28-ton steel coils measuring 1.5 meters long. The lower weight and higher load capacity indirectly contribute to reducing emissions since more products can be transported in a single trip, and lighter loads result in lower fuel consumption. Thus, the Berger Ecotrail trailers contribute to the achievement of Waberer’s Group’s climate goals.

“The integration of Berger Ecotrail lightweight semi-trailers into our fleet is another example of Waberer’s Group’s commitment to more sustainable operation. While meeting the needs of our customers and achieving higher service standards, it is important for us to reduce our ecological footprint. The continuous improvement of our vehicle fleet enables us to perform our work in an even more efficient and sustainable manner. Our new fleet members feature innovative technology and represent excellent quality. We are proud that Waberer’s remains a pioneer in sustainable transportation in the market”, said Zsolt Barna, Chairman and CEO of Waberer’s International Nyrt.

Source: Waberer’s Group