Walmart expands footprint with GLP

GLP has extended its partnership with Walmart with a new 32,000 sqm (344,000 sq ft) build-to-suit agreement in Southern China. Walmart is expanding with GLP at its existing location.

Victor Mok, Co-President of GLP China, said, “The growth of domestic consumption is driving a continuous trend for the expansion of store networks and supply chain infrastructure to support rising retail sales across China”.

Lesley Smith, Senior Vice President of Supply Chain for Walmart China, said, “Investing in logistics and optimizing the system is one part of Walmart’s strategic plan to upgrade our supply chain”. He added, “With this partnership, we look forward to further accelerating our business growth in China”.

Walmart is a global GLP customer, leasing approximately 210,000 sq m (2.3m sq ft) with GLP across 9 cities in China, Japan and US.

Source: GLP