Warehouse Expansion: DACHSER’s Strategic Growth in Karlsruhe

The logistics centre of DACHSER in Karlsruhe has secured approximately 27,800 sq m of warehouse space in Rastatt. The new facility is set to be constructed by early 2025, strategically positioned at the Rastatt North motorway interchange and in close proximity to the Rhine ports in Karlsruhe. DACHSER is thereby expanding its storage capacity in the Middle Upper Rhine logistics region by approximately 42,000 pallet spaces.

The lease agreement was finalised by DACHSER prior to the commencement of construction. Consequently, DACHSER is enhancing the capacity of its nearby logistics centre in Malsch, near Karlsruhe. Recently granted with the building permit, the handover to DACHSER is scheduled for the second quarter of 2025. The early agreement ensures that the bespoke property, planned and executed by DFI Real Estate, can be optimally tailored to the company’s requirements. The logistics centre will provide 23,300 sq m of warehouse space, 3,150 sq m of mezzanine storage, and 1,350 sq m of office and communal space for 40 to 50 employees.

Florian Steinbrunn, Contract Logistics Manager of the DACHSER Logistics Centre Karlsruhe in Malsch, elucidates, “With the new logistics centre, we were not only able to secure a location with excellent transport links but also establish a sustainable warehouse that meets the needs of clients from various industries.”

“Andreas Fleischer, Managing Partner of DFI Real Estate, enthusiastically adds, “Together, we have conceived a sophisticated and meticulously planned logistics facility in every aspect.”

The location, situated directly at the Rastatt North motorway exit at the A5/A8 junction, offers optimal connections to the European land transport network and the economic hub of Karlsruhe, including its Rhine ports, merely 23 km away. Prospective DACHSER employees can conveniently access their new workplace via public transport from Rastatt train station. Additionally, 75 parking spaces will be constructed on-site.

Source: Dachser