Air Freight Rate Tracker: Q2 2022

air freight rate tracker

Ti’s new Air Freight Rate Tracker provides a balanced and considered view of rate expectations for the coming year by quarter. Using current market data and industry sentiment, the report tracks key metrics across demand, capacity, sentiment and cost leaders.

Air freight rates remain complex as inflation, unwinding demand and wider supply chain dysfunction create havoc for market predictability – will rates stabilise over the coming months?

GLOBAL AIR FREIGHT RATE INDEX – Data reveals two very contrasting scenarios in the head haul and backhaul legs.

AIR FREIGHT CONFIDENCE INDEX – Industry sentiment shows a growing expectation that rate development will moderate in the coming quarter.

TRANSPACIFIC RATES – Backhaul rates for the transpacific lane have more than doubled year on year.

TRANSATLANTIC RATES – High capacity and falling demand might be expected to reduce rates.

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