Global Express and Small Parcels Market Sizing: 2022, 2023 & 2027


Global Express & Small Parcels market demand to grow 3.6% in 2023, having shrunk 0.6% in 2022.

How will the market perform out to 2027? And how are the international, domestic and B2C/B2B markets performing?

New data from Ti projects the global express logistics market will experience a tentative recovery in demand in 2023, growing by 3.6%, following a rapid softening of parcel volumes. Growth will once again be led by Asia Pacific.

Ti’s latest whitepaper contains a full breakdown our recently published 2022, 2023 and 2027 express and parcels market size and forecast data.

The whitepaper also contains analysis of regional, international, domestic and B2C/B2B performance and projections.

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