Warehousing Tracker: Q2 2023


Ti are pleased to launch the Warehousing Tracker – a quarterly report tracking a range of metrics across operating costs, rents, capacity, new supply and demand dynamics. The report will map out expectations for warehousing dynamics over the upcoming quarters to help you plan for changes in costs, secure necessary capacity and optimise your contract strategy.


Q2 2023 – Key Data:

  • Warehouse vacancy appears to be loosening in core markets in the three major regions.
  • Occupier demand is waning, with consumer confidence and PMI low.
  • Rents and warehousing costs however have continued to rise in North America and Europe.
  • Vacancy rates also remain historically tight, despite some growth.
  • Looking ahead in the medium term, construction pipelines remain full and new supply will continue to enter global markets.
  • In the long term, new warehousing projects will become less pronounced as borrowing costs remain high. As a result, the warehousing market would see vacancy rates tighten once more.

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