World Courier announces the expansion of its logistics services

WorldCourier advanced therapies

World Courier has expanded its commercial third-party logistics (3PL) storage and distribution services at 11 of its 14 pharmaceutical depots. World Courier will also continue to invest in its technology to enhance customer experience, quality assurance and operational efficiencies.

World Courier President Sam Herbert explained: “The expansion of our infrastructure now enhances our support for partners’ clinical trial and commercial 3PL needs, providing the desired flexibility and security for a manufacturer’s entire product journey. This, coupled with our tech-driven customer service advancements, enables us to meet the evolving needs of our customers and today’s patients.”

The 11 depots will now offer customers a full range of services from clinical trial to commercialisation. These facilities are equipped to support the needs of increased serialisation within the industry, linking the chain of custody, harmonising procedures, and establishing a more standardised network in the hope of creating operational efficiencies. World Courier’s proprietary inventory management and stock-control systems offer manufacturers security and real-time line of sight into the management of their product as it moves from depot-to-distribution.

Source: World Courier