XPO awarded contract with Colmar

XPO Logistics has been awarded a multi-year contract to handle supply chain logistics for Italian apparel manufacturer Colmar. The contract represents the first time that Colmar has chosen to outsource its logistics operations in Italy.

XPO will manage all returns and unsold end-of-season garments for Colmar at a 24,000 sq m multi-customer warehouse located in Milan. XPO collects the merchandise and provides high-value-added services such as conformity control, re-labelling and the processing of flat and hanging garments to prepare them for retail store redistribution.

Carlo Colombo, chief executive officer of Colmar, said: “From the outset, XPO has proved to be the right choice for us, due to their experience in fashion and luxury goods and their ability to provide an integrated logistics solution that flexes with seasonal peaks.”

The two companies have interfaced their technology systems to enhance speed and stability throughout Colmar’s supply chain.

Source: XPO Logistics