XPO integrates heavy goods last mile tracking with Google

XPO Logistics has announced investments in the consumer-facing side of its home delivery network for heavy goods and launched last-mile tracking with Google Search.

Tracking of big and bulky home deliveries can be done through Google on any internet-enabled device. The Google search phrase “XPO Package Tracking” displays a box for the shipment number, updating the status with a single click.

XPO facilitates approximately 14m last mile deliveries, assemblies and installations of heavy goods a year, completing the final stage of the supply chain for consumer purchases. The service joins a range of other self-service, order-tracking interfaces that XPO offers to its e-commerce shoppers, including online order management, text updates, and voice-activated connectivity through Google Home and Amazon Echo.

Mario Harik, Chief Information Officer of XPO Logistics, said: “We have technology teams dedicated to enhancing consumerization across the board for our e-commerce and omnichannel retail customers.”

Source: XPO