XPO introduces a new mega-truck route in Spain

XPO Logistics has announced the launch of a new mega-truck route from Barcelona and Valencia connecting the two LTL (less than truck load) sites. Two XPO mega-trucks will use the route daily to transport pallets of freight for distribution.

Mega-trucks are 25.25m in length and hold a maximum load of 60 tonnes, compared with the standard 40-tonne trucks previously used. Due to their larger load capacity, the mega-trucks are expected to reduce CO2 emissions by approximately 20% on the route.

XPO has a total fleet of 15 mega-trucks in Spain. The company uses these vehicles to service its own LTL transport network, as well as for specific customers, such as Renault and Aludium. The company plans to increase the number of mega-truck routes connecting its 60 LTL sites in Spain in 2019.

Massimo Marsili, Managing Director for transport, for XPO Logistics in Spain, Portugal and Morocco, said, “In recent years, we have increased our business in the Mediterranean area, which has resulted in higher volumes in our distribution and pallet services. We now deliver more than four million pallets per year in Spain alone. This new mega-truck route between our Barcelona and Valencia hubs reinforces the environmental efficiency of our operations, as well as our leadership in pallet transport.”

Source: XPO Logistics