XPO Logistics signs contract expansion with Highways England

XPO Logistics has secured a contract expansion with Highways England. Highways England is charged with operating, maintaining and improving the country’s motorways and main carriageways.

Under the contract, XPO Logistics will continue to operate a national technology and logistics centre (NTLC) on behalf of Highways England in West Hallam, Derbyshire, as it has since 2010. In addition, XPO will manage the agency’s new CHARM technology centre, dedicated to testing roadside equipment in a safe environment.

All components used in the implementation of maintenance and repair works are stored at the West Hallam site, with distribution to Highways England’s eight regional depots on a weekly basis. Stocks include cables and other electronics used to keep CCTV, weather monitoring and electronic signage services working on SMART motorways.

“Since appointing XPO Logistics as our national logistics partner, we have been able to significantly reduce the lead time to deliver equipment and materials to roadworks sites. This improves the planning and execution of maintenance and repairs,” said Stewart Young, national logistics manager, Highways England. “We’re pleased that XPO will now be managing our CHARM facility as well. This innovative testing site is widely utilised by our company and our suppliers.”

Richard Cawston, managing director supply chain Europe, XPO Logistics, added: “The expansion of our long-term relationship with Highways England is a testament to our understanding of this customer’s unique requirements, and our ability to offer flexible solutions from a strategically located, central site.”

Source: XPO Logistics