XPO renews multi-million pound warehousing contract with ADAMA

XPO Logistics has renewed a multi-million pound contract with ADAMA Agricultural Solutions UK to provide logistics and transportation solutions at its 200,000 sq ft facility in Derbyshire.

ADAMA, part of the China National Chemical Corp company, is one of the world’s largest manufacturers of pesticides and other agrochemical products, with customers in over 100 countries. In the UK, its principal activity is the importation of herbicides, seed treatments and other products that improve crop yields by providing protection from weeds and disease.

XPO Logistics’ site at Amber Park in South Normanton, Derbyshire, houses 21,000 pallet locations, from which their fleet will deliver over 200 products to 232 delivery points across the UK. XPO manages the handling of approximately 1.6m kg of products a year at the site, picking and packing over 880,000 units for distribution on 600 kg pallets. XPO also provides bespoke, real-time reporting, product labelling and sophisticated warehouse management systems which enable visibility.

On XPO, Mark Sabine, ADAMA’s director, finance and operations, said, “They understand both the seasonal and weather-related impact on demand, with the latter driving substantial changes in volumes throughout the supply chain.”

Source: XPO Logistics