Yang Ming sets up subsidiary in Indonesia

Yang Ming has announced it will add a new 11,000 TEU container vessel to THE Alliance’s PS6 trans-Pacific service.

The Yang Ming Group will form a new subsidiary with partners in Jakarta Indonesia named PT Yang Ming Shipping Indonesia on 16 May, 2019. Benson Chou has officially been nominated as President Director for the first term.

Among ASEAN countries, Indonesia has the largest economy. Given its strategic location and potential volume growth, Yang Ming has upgraded its Indonesian service network by deploying larger vessels and increasing service frequencies. With the establishment of PT Yang Ming Shipping Indonesia, Yang Ming plans to reinforce the local operations for import, export and tranship cargoes in Indonesia.

Yang Ming has a total of six services in the country, three self-owned services (CTI, TSE and SE5) and three joint services (SS1, SSX, and TPI) via exchange slots with partners. Yang Ming’s services cover a selection of four major ports in Indonesia – Jakarta, Surabaya, Semarang and Belawan. Furthermore, there are various transit options at Singapore and Port Klang for local customers to arrange their shipments to connect Yang Ming’s long-haul services.

PT Yang Ming Shipping Indonesia sets branch offices at Surabaya, Panjang, and Palembang.

Source: Yang Ming Group