zipmend Express takes over the 3PL spot market business of InstaFreight

zipmend GmbH, a provider of freight forwarding and courier transports, is taking over part of the customer base of the insolvent InstaFreight GmbH. This part includes the 3PL spot market business, where customers can have transports carried out at daily prices.

In the future, existing InstaFreight customers will be able to handle their spot market transports via the zipmend Express platform.

“We are pleased to be able to offer the customers of InstaFreight GmbH a smooth and reliable continuation of their spot market transports,” explains Timm Trede, Managing Director of zipmend GmbH. ”

Philipp Ortwein, Managing Director of InstaFreight GmbH, adds: “With zipmend Express, we have found a strong partner who can continue to offer our customers a high quality offer for spot market transports. I am convinced that customers will benefit from zipmend Express’ expertise and reliable service.” 

Dr. Philipp Hackländer, insolvency administrator of InstaFreight GmbH, adds: “The takeover of the spot market business by zipmend Express is a good solution for all parties involved. It ensures the continuation of transport services for customers and at the same time enables a sensible utilization of InstaFreight GmbH’s assets.” 

zipmend Express is a leading provider of freight forwarding and courier transports based in Hamburg. The company offers its customers digital booking and handles over 5,000 transports per month. The transports are carried out throughout Europe and include in particular:

  • Express transports: same-day delivery for shipments up to 1.2t
  • Less-than-truckload transports (LTL): Truck transports for shipments up to 12t
  • Full truck load transports (FTL): Truck transports for shipments up to 24t

The company is profitable and without debt financing. 

Source: InstaFreight